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The Most Excellent Grand High Priest Archie R. Smallwood has issued the following Directive:

I am authorizing this letter of notice to the Companions of all Chapters within the State of Indiana and any and all those who were to attend our Grand Chapter Convocation, which was scheduled for April 3rd and April 4th 2020, advising them I have postponing the Grand Chapter Convocation until at least May 18th, 2020, or later depending on the restrictions put forth by the President of the United States, The Governor of Indiana, and suggestions of the Grand Master of Indiana, and especially for the health of all our Companions who were anticipating attending our Grand Chapter Convocation.  We will review the circumstances of this virus outbreak on or before May 18th, 2020 and will advise all, the date we may be looking at for our Annual Convocation.  Our Primary responsibility is to the health of our Companions and we understand that, as we pray for their health during this time of turmoil of the epidemic.

It is further ordered that all R.A.M. Chapters under the authority of the Grand Chapter will not meet due to the measures we must take to assure the health of our Companions during the same time period. However, the local chapters may pay necessary bills without a vote of the Chapter.

If any Companion has paid in advance for the Grand Convocation as to registration or degrees this will be refunded to them in whole, in a timely manner. we regret that these measures must be taken, but for the good of the Companions we serve we must and will look out for their best interest and health.

Looking forward we pray for good news from the CDC about this virus and lifting of regulations so we may get on with our business for the good of the Royal Arch Masons of Indiana.

With this confusion of displacement of moving our Grand Chapter Convocation I am giving my permission to the Right Excellent Grand King, Companion Steve Maxwell the go ahead to appoint his appointed officers and to set in place any and all appointments he would have made.  The current Elected Grand Officers will remain in office until the Grand Convocation when we will be relieved of our duties as the new officers are elected and installed.  We are working with the hotel for a future Convocation date and time, which will be announced when established.  To all Companions, during this time of confusion, my Prayers will be for your health and my hope is that each one of you will be praying for each other with the help and mercy of Almighty God we work through this.


Companion Archie R Smallwood, MEGHP
Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons
State of Indiana

Attested by:
Wesley K Phillips REGS

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MEGHP Archie R. Smallwood


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