Royal Arch Masonary Awards

These are all awards that are available for Royal Arch Masons in the State of Indiana.
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Curtis Mahler Gavel

Is presented to the local chapter with most exhalations in a year, given by Indiana Grand Chapter based on statistics from the past year.

David Widmoyer Award

The David Widmoyer Service Award serves as an opportunity to recognize special Companions who have gone on to continue their work and commitment to service even beyond the term of their office, or beyond the normal boundaries of dedication it is determined by Grand High Priest.

Distinguished Companion Award

The Distinguished Companion Award is a medal in the shape of a keystone suspended on a red ribbon. A triple tau is displayed in the center and the words “Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons - State of Indiana” surrounding the triple tau. The words Distinguished Companion is on the bottom of the keystone.

Distinguished service medal in bronze

Distinguished Service Medal in Bronze

An annual Grand Chapter award to recognize the leadership, commitment, and resolve of companions that dedicate their time to ensure the bond of their word; that establish all their actions and deeds as honorable; and demonstrate unyielding faithfulness to the tenets of Royal Arch Masonry.

Distinguished service medal in silver

Distinguished Service Medal in Silver

A General Grand Chapter award bestowed on a trienniuam basis for each Royal Arch Region and four "at-large" recipients for continuous service, comprehensive initiative and faithful dedication to the improvement of Royal Arch Masonry that reflects the highest traditions of this ancient and noble craft.

Distinguished Service Medal in Gold

Distinguished Service Medal in Gold

A General Grand Chapter honor bestowed at the direction of the General Grand High Priest to one or more Royal Arch Masons for outstanding, demonstrative service in public service; the arts and sciences; and/or business achievement to the substantial benefit of Capitular Masonry.

Ephraim Kirby Award

This award is named for the first Most Excellent General Grand High Priest of the General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, who served from 1798-1804.

A singular, annual award made each Capitular Year from a collective pool of candidates, individually nominated by each Grand Chapter jurisdiction, in recognition of continuing, outstanding service to the Craft.

High Priest of the Year

The High Priest of the Year is decided by Grand High Priest, all Chapters are encouraged to apply for the award. The chapter should submit the completed application by the end of January for the prior year, award will be announced at Grand Session.  Also awarded will be 1stRunner Up and 2ndRunner Up.

John A Wallace Keystone

Presented by General Grand RARA for the Chapter with largest per capita giving for RARA

James B. Wall Keystone

Presented by General Grand RARA to the Chapter with the Largest % increase in giving to RARA

Membership Growth Achievement Award

The award is a black piano finish plaque, 6x9, with a red plate with the engraving in gold.

Milford Anness Keystone

Presented by General Grand RARA to the Chapter with largest contribution to RARA

Miscellaneous Awards

Presented to Grand Chapter members for other categories not listed here.

Ritual Jewel

Ritual Jewel

Requirements are based on a cumulative point system in presentation of various roles within the Capitular Degrees that exhibit labored excellence in the quarries of our Craft can only be achieved through habituation of training, study and discipline.

Secretary of the Year

The Secretary of the Year Award is decided by Grand Secretary each Chapter is encouraged to apply for this award. The chapter should submit the completed application by the end of January for the prior year, award will be announced at Grand Session. Also awarded will be 1stRunner Up and 2ndRunner Up.

S.T.A.R Award

S.T.A.R Award

The Stellar Tracking Assignment Register (S.T.A.R.) AWARD is intended to acknowledge the reflective qualities of principled leadership, faithful service and/or loyal dedication to Capitular Masonry, the Craft in general or the community at-large that shine and light the way for others to follow their own star.

Sweetheart Award

Sweetheart Award

The General Grand Chapter "Sweetheart Award" is available to all Royal Arch Masons as a way to show appreciation for the support and encouragement their Ladies provide to our Craft throughout the years of a Companion's service to Capitular Masonry.

Veteran's Service Medal

Veteran's Service Medal

Any companion or brother mason, in good standing, who currently serves in an active or reserve unit; or has honorably served in an armed force, foreign or domestic, is eligible to wear the Veteran's Service Medal.