Distinguished Companion Award

During the 160th Grand Chapter Convocation, the Grand Chapter Officers presented a proposal to honor a Companion or Companions, who were deserving of recognition for their commitment and dedication to their respective Chapters. The proposal was accepted by the voting delegates and the Distinguished Companion Awards were ordered. The Distinguished Companion Award is a medal in the shape of a keystone suspended on a red ribbon. A triple tau is displayed in the center and the words “Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons - State of Indiana” surrounding the triple tau. The words Distinguished Companion is on the bottom of the keystone. The Companion’s name will be inscribed on a plate above the red ribbon. The cost of this beautiful award is $50.00 and the awards are in limited supply.

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Award Recipients

2023 Recipient

  • Jim Catania, Westside #138
  • Dion Diakis, LaPorte #15
  • William “Bill” Franks, LaPorte #15
  • Dennis A. Schreader, Sr., Evansville #12

2018 Recipient

  • Graig A. Huber, Prather #157

2016 Recipient

  • David G. Kirschman #157

2015 Recipients

  • Tracy L. Hutton, Prather #157
  • PGHP Steven Maxwell, Huntington #27

2014 Recipients

  • Mark C. Lewis #157

2013 Recipients

  • James H. Fairchild, Middletown #143
  • Mitchell H. Rohrbaugh, Prather #157

2012 Recipients

  • Jason R. Greth #157

2011 Recipients

2010 Recipients

  • Kevin J. Scott #157

2009 Recipients

2008 Recipients

2007 Recipients

  • Jaye E. Blazier #157
  • Thomas W. Harper #157
  • William S. Schulke #157
  • Michael J. Smith #157

2006 Recipients

  • Brian C. Lewis #157
  • Jerald L. Miller #157
  • Michael A. Moxley #157
  • Carson C. Smith #157
  • Joe A. Smith #157

2005 Recipients