Internet Awards

Excellence in Chapter Communications

Official Rules and Regulations

The Internet Awards are divided into two categories: Websites, and Facebook pages.


  • There will be one winner and one honorable mentions chosen in each category.
  • Chapters can submit one entry in each For instance, two websites may not be submitted, but, a website and a Facebook page can be submitted.
  • Each submission must have the corresponding entry form section filled out or it will be disqualified.


The website category is reserved for official Chapter websites only. When filling out the website entry form, you must include the exact website (URL) address. The Chapter URL must be included on the entry form or it will be disqualified. Be sure all the information on the site is up to date, as it will be judged on content, timeliness and user friendliness.

To Apply

  1. Click here for Entry Form
  2. Complete the sections that pertain to your Each entry must have its own section filled out.
  3. Do not submit two entries within the same category.
  4. Answer all the questions on the entry form, specific to your Do not leave any blank.
  5. All submissions must be received by Friday, February 1, 2019 by 5pm EST.
  6. Late entries will not be accepted.

Questions or Concerns

If you have questions about any of these rules or about how to apply please call the Grand Communications Officer Ronald Garrison

Phone: (219) 616-4512

Judging & Criteria

The judges will consider the following criteria when scoring the categories.


A website means an individual site not a single page off another URL.

Facebook Pages

Only Facebook Pages will be considered, not Facebook Groups or Facebook Profiles


  • Photos and other graphics are high quality, relevant and enhance the quality of the site
  • Text is easy to read; the font is attractive and legible
  • Site navigation is easy, and the navigation is consistent throughout
  • Links are visible and link to the page promised
  • Current logos are utilized

Facebook Content

  • The page has followers
  • Status updates are relevant to Chapter activities
  • Status updates and posts are done regularly
  • Language is appropriate and consistent with a positive influence on Royal Arch Masonry
  • Includes appropriate photos
  • “Like” other Chapter-related Facebook pages including the Grand Chapter and other affiliated sites


  • About us and/or history
  • News
  • Current calendar of events or upcoming events
  • Officer photos/bios
  • Membership information/how to join
  • Contact information
  • Links to Grand Chapter, Blue Lodge Grand Lodge sites and social media
  • Links to events (i.e. Grand Session, Fundraisers)