Letter from MEGHP Dennis A. Schraeder, Sr.

Fellow Companions,

Thank you for your commitment to serve on the team entrusted by the Companions of the State of Indiana to advance Royal Arch Masonry for 2023-2024

We have several issues we need to come together and work on as a team. They are membership, ritual, communication, and teamwork. Let’s always keep one thing in mind “PRIDE IN ROYAL ARCH MASONRY”.

We have a mission to stimulate the growth of our membership. I ask that all Royal Arch Masons be ambassadors to the Symbolic Lodges to promote the growth of York Rite Masonry. The two key elements of our membership are new candidates and the retention of our present members.

In the process of growing our membership, it is important that we give our new members the best ritual work that we can offer. The best way to accomplish this is to continually practice the ritual before each degree day. If successful, the retention of membership should be automatic and always challenge new members to get involved and have fun.

If we are to be successful, we need to communicate and work as a team to commit our talent and abilities, to develop activities and programs, which will stimulate the growth of Royal Arch Masonry.

I firmly believe that we have a core group of officers whose ideas, talent and willingness are devoted to making Royal Arch Masonry a premiere destination in a man's personal development on his way to the Celestial Lodge Above.

I look forward to working with every officer this year to make Royal Arch Masonry stronger than ever. Go RED PRIDE.

Dennis A. Schraeder, Sr.
Most Excellent Grand High Priest