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Photo of Joseph H. Villarreal

Joseph H. Villarreal
Most Excellent Grand High Priest

Joseph H. Villarreal was born on October 1st, 1974 to Joe and Audrey Villarreal in Schaumburg Illinois.  Joe moved from Illinois to La Porte Indiana in the fall of 2004 where he met his future wife Jennifer.  Joe, and Jennifer were married in the spring of 2007, and today enjoy the blessings of their 3 wonderful children Juliana, Benjamin, and Joey. …

Photo of Jason Miller

Jason Miller
Right Excellent Grand King

Masonic History

  • Past Master of Highland Lodge 762
  • Past High Priest and Treasurer for Fort Wayne Chapter #19
  • Past Illustrious Master and Treasurer for Fort Wayne Council #4
  • Past Commander and Treasurer for Fort Wayne Commandery #4
  • Treasurer for Regius Cordis Court No.110,
  • Masonic Order of Athelstan.

Photo of Tim Brinkmeyer

Tim Brinkmeyer
Right Excellent Grand Scribe

Companion Tim was born, raised, and resides in Indianapolis and is an alumnus of Ball State University, where he and Kate met. They have one daughter, Lydia. He’s travelled for work and family over the years, which has allowed him various experiences and opportunities in the Jurisdictions of Indiana, Oregon, and Pennsylvania.

Tim recently wrote a paper, available for presentation, entitled: A Comparative analysis of the Fellow Craft and Mark Master Degrees.

Photo of Marty Evens PGHP

Marty Evens , PGHP
Right Excellent Grand Treasurer

Martin Allen Evens was born June 27, 1951 on the Army Base Camp Polk, Leesville, Louisiana to Morris A. and Vera J. Evens both deceased.  Marty married Mary Jane Schilling on April 9, 2005 and they have three children and six grandchildren.  They are members of the Rockville United Methodist Church.

Marty graduated in the last class of Bainbridge High School in 1969.…

Photo of Graig Huber

Graig Huber
Excellent Grand Captain of Host

Personal History:
Born in Indianapolis, Indiana. Attended and graduated from Franklin Community High School and Hanover College. Reside in Indianapolis with my wife, Amanda, and our two children, Lucas and Vivienne. Been in the financial services industry since 2000.

Masonic History:
– Raised a Master Mason in 2009 at Southport No.…

Photo of Christopher Gamblin

Christopher Gamblin
Excellent Grand Principal Sojourner

Blue Lodge Memberships

  • Crowned Martyrs Lodge Nº 771 Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Worshipful Master 2019
  • Charter Senior Warden

Dwight L Smith Lodge of Research, Grand Lodge of Indiana

  • Currently serving as Senior Warden

St. Albans Lodge Nº 1455, College Station, Texas

  • Served as Senior Deacon

Texas Lodge of Research, Grand Lodge of Texas

  • Served as Tyler

York Rite Memberships

  • Nº.

Photo of Brian C. Lewis

Brian C. Lewis
Excellent Grand Royal Arch Captain

Brian Lewis is a Certified Association Executive & a Certified Volunteer Administrator with Raybourn Group International, where he serves as the Executive Director for a couple of small staff clients. Freemasonry is what led him to discover his interest in Association Management over 20 years ago when he was an Officer at Calvin W. Prather Lodge #717, where he served as Master in 2004.…

Photo of George McAfoos

George McAfoos
Grand Master 2nd Veil

Biographical Info:Raised a Master Mason 11/15/1976
Past Master Social 86 2017, served as H.P. 2015 Terre Haute Chapter #11, served as I.M.2017, served as E.C. 2019, served as T.P.M. Terre Haute Valley of the Scottish Rite 2018-2019 KYCH 1/23/2021

Photo of Roy Wiseman

Roy Wiseman
Grand Master 1st Veil

Retired Lieutenant, Harrison County sheriffs Department Indiana. Past Master, Pisgah Lodge 32, Past High Priest, Corydon Royal Arch Chapter 156, Past Illustrious Master, Corydon Cryptic Council 112, New Albany Commandery #5, AMD Constitutional Elm 471 , York Rite College #207, New Albany Yeoman of York #7, Grand Order of the Sword of Bunker Hill, Pocket City Order #82, and a member of the valley of George Rogers Clark A.A.S.R.

Photo of Ronald F Garrison

Ronald F Garrison
Grand Communications Officer