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Photo of James H. Fairchild

James H. Fairchild

Right Excellent Grand King

Home 7921 N. County Road 100 E Springport IN 47386 USA

Home Phone: (765) 755-3423

Cell Phone: (765) 760-2429

Birthday: December 6, 1945


Jim has been in Freemasonry for 33 Years as of March 15, 2018. Jim Graduated from New Castle High School in 1964, went to College for 1 year, then went to work for Delco Battery, a division of General Motors. Jim worked for GM for 34.7 years, and was proud to be the UAW President for 8 years before retiring. He has been the Retiree Chapter President for the last 18 years.

Jim married Dorothy Ann Creel on June 11th, 1965, and they will celebrate their 53rd Anniversary this June. They have one daughter, Jennifer Fouts (John), and have two grandchildren, Abigail (14 in May), and Owen (10 in June). Abby is very active in dance and her Academic Team activities, and Owen in Basketball and Track. We both feel blessed as do all grandparents.

Jim was raised a Master Mason in 1985 in Farmland Lodge #308. He served as it’s Worshipful Master in 2004. Jim joined New Castle Lodge #91on November 1st, 2004, and served as it’s Worshipful Master in 2006, and was elected Treasurer in 2007, and still serves in that capacity. Jim accomplished the 2000 point total of the Grand Lodge Ritualist Program on September 9th, 2009, and was pinned by the Grand Master at Founder’s Day in January, 2010. Jim is presently an honorary member in 24 Blue Lodges in Indiana and serves as a Special Deputy for the Grand Lodge for Consolidations on the Charters and Dispensations Committee.

Jim joined York Rite in May 2011. He has served as High Priest in Middletown Chapter #143 in 2013, Illustrious Master in Greenfield Council #94 in 2017, and Eminent Commander in Greenfield Commandery #39 in 2018. Jim received a Distinguished Service Award from Middletown #143 in 2013, as well as the Ritualist Medal in Chapter from the General Grand Secretary.

Other Affiliations: Mitspah Shrine of Ft. Wayne, and a member of Murpah Shrine Club of Muncie. He has been a driver for Madison County Shrine in Anderson for two years, and enjoy’s driving the Hospital Van to take Children to Shriner’s Hospitals in Chicago, Lexington, and Cincinnati. Jim is very proud of this assignment.

Welcome Lodge #37 in Muncie (Knight’s of Pythias) Lifetime member.

York Rite College #55 in Ft. Wayne, election to membership; degree will be on May 19th, 2018.

St. Basil Conclave of Lafayette (Red Cross of Constantine) elected to membership, degree to be in late fall 2018.

Jim has worked hard to become a good Ritualist, and appreciates the opportunity to help new candidates. Jim was elected on April 8th, 2017, into the Grand Line as Grand Royal Arch Captain, and presently serves as Grand Captain of the Host. Jim is humbled to be a Grand Officer.