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Photo of Mike Doxsee

Mike Doxsee

Grand Lecturer

Home 5125 New Haven Ave Fort Wayne IN 46803 USA

Cell Phone: (260)-417-5256

Anniversary: June 9, 2012

Birthday: November 9, 1986


Born November 9th 1986. Graduate of Homestead Senior High School, Fort Wayne, IN.

Enlisted in the United States Army, MOS 14T & 94S – Patriot Missile Systems technician and operator.

Current Sales Representative for Humana. Happily married to Shira Doxsee, with two daughters Emma and Adelyn.

Aside from Masonic activity, Michael enjoys studying all things history, and is a member of many Archaeological Societies. Further hobbies include rare book collecting and Numismatics (coin collecting) and active in Hereditary Societies.



Craft Lodge

Member of Highland Lodge No.762

– Past Master (served as WM 2015)

– Grand Masters award with distinction (2015)

– 500 lap award (2015)

– Mason of the year award (2016)

-Current Assistant Secretary


Member of Schofield Lodge 1818 UD


Current Secretary of the Northeast Past Masters Association of Indiana (2016-present)



York Rite Bodies

Member of Fort Wayne and Dekalb York Rite Bodies

-Current Secretary & Recorder for Chapter, Council & Commandery for Fort Wayne YR Bodies.


Capitular Masonry

– Past High Priest  Fort Wayne Chapter No. 19 R.A.M. (2017)

– Member of Indiana No. 1845 U.D.

– Officer in Indiana Council of Anointed High Priests

– Past High Priest William hacker Chapter No. 63 R.A.M. (2019)

– Member of Irish Chapter of Research No. 200 (Supreme Grand Chapter RAM of Ireland)

– Past Deputy for District C- Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Indiana (2019-2020)

– Past Grand Historian of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Indiana (2017-18)

– Grand Representative to France

– Grand Lecturer (2020-present)


Cryptic Masonry

– Past Illustrious Master of Fort Wayne Council No.4 R&S.M. (2015)

– Past Illustrious Master of DeKalb Council No.57 R&S.M. (2020)

– Arch 2 Officer of the Grand Council Cryptic Masons of Indiana (2014-2018)

– Member of Ish Sodi Council No.1855 U.D.

– Member of the Order of Zanzibar

– Past Recorder of Enoch Council of Research U.D.(Indiana; now defunct)


Knights Templar

Past Eminent Commander Fort Wayne Commandery No. 4 K.T. (2016)

Distinguished Service Award (2017)



Masonic Research Bodies

– Member of Dwight L. Smith Lodge of Research U.D. – Worshipful Master (2017-18)

– Fellow of the Grand College of Rites

– Member of the Philalethes Society

– Member of the Scottish Rite Research Society

– Member of the Masonic Society

– Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076 – Correspondence Circle (UGLE)

– Lodge of Research No. 2429  Province of Leicestershire & Rutland (UGLE)

– Member of Lodge of Research No. CC (Grand Lodge of Ireland)



Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite

– Member of the Fort Wayne Valley

– Current seated Most Wise Master of Emanuel Chapter Rose Croix (2020-Present)

– Past Venerable Master Fort Wayne Valley Knights of St. Andrew (2014)

– Grand Chancellor and founding member of the Antient and Honourable Order of the Thistle and St. Andrew; holder of the rank of: Grand Cross. (2016-present)



Appendant Bodies


Allied Masonic Degrees

– Member of Saints John No. 541 (Charter Member) , Pokagon No.147, King Eamhium No.338

– Past Sovereign Master (2016) – Current Sec./Treas. for Saints John No.541(2017-present)

– Knight Commander Red Branch of Eri (2016)

– Sovereign Master (Oct. 2019 – present) King Eamhium Council No.338 AMD


Knight Masons (Grand Council USA)

– Member of Fírinne No.115, St. Columba No. 118 & Indiana No. 15

– Charter Excellent Chief of St. Columba No. 118 (2016 U.D. & 2017)

– Current Scribe for St. Columba No.118 (2018-Present)

– Awarded Knight Commander of Zerubbabel at Grand Council  Feb. 7th 2020. (National No. 133)


Knight Masons (Province of Ohio -Irish Constitution)

– Member of Shannon Council No. 28


Masonic Order of St. Patrick

– Member of Lorica Council T:.I:.

– Senior Knight Commander (2016-present) Knight Grand Cross


York Rite Sovereign College of North America

– Member and Officer of Indiana College No. 55 (2014)

– Current Sentinel


The Masonic Order of Athelstan

– Member of Regius Cordis Court No. 110

– Charter Primus Worshipful Master(2015) & Worshipful Master (2016)

– Current Secretary (2016-Present)

– Honoured at Grand Court Oct. 26th 2019 – Rank of Past Senior Grand Deacon


Commemorative Order of St. Thomas of Acon

– Member of Trinity Chapel No. 2  – Current Cellarer(2016-present)

– INRI Chapel No. 17


Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests

-Member of Gennesaret Tabernacle XVII(2017)

– Current Inner Guard


Knight York Cross of Honor (KYCH)

-Member of Indiana Priory No.8 (2019)


Sovereign Order of Knights Preceptor

– Life Member of Grand Preceptor’s College (2016)


Ancient and Heroic Order of the Gordian Knot

  • Charter Exalted Suzerain Parmenion of Ptolemy Soter Synod No. 3 (Fort Wayne,IN) Life Member


Aside from the Masonic organizations, Michael is a member of the following organizations:


Esoteric Groups

  • L’Ordre Martiniste
  • Elus Coëns
  • Ordo Rosicruciana et Hermeticus Aurorae Aureae


Hereditary Societies and other Societies

  • Order of Founders and Patriots of America – Governor of Kentuckiana Society (2021-Present)
  • Society of Colonial Wars
  • Anthony Halberstadt Chapter Sons of the American Revolution
  • German Society Sons of the American Revolution
  • Indiana State Society War of 1812
  • Mississinewa Battlefield Society
  • Indiana Archaeological Society
  • Ohio Archaeological Society
  • Biblical Archaeological Society
  • Fellow of The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
  • Fort Wayne Historical Society
  • American Numismatic Association (Platinum member)
  • British Numismatic Association